Executive Search – methodology and commitment

Executive Search is a challenging activity. Our partners are therefore qualified consultants with extensive leadership experience in their industry. And:

With us, each advisor manages their mandate personally. He is, without fail, your responsible contact person, always.


Despite the best qualifications and credentials, the new colleague did not fit into your business and was even a failure in the end. To avoid a repeat of this or save you from such experiences in the first place, we try to gather as much detail as possible on your organization as well as to get to know the person in question.

For each search we first define, in consultation with you, eligible target companies and market segments. Regional and market-specific characteristics have a particularly high priority here, because, in our experience, these do sometimes just make all the difference.


On the basis of the job profile compiled and agreed with you, the candidate selection is primarily made by direct approach from the defined target segments initially. Our team acts professionally and with due discretion, of course. The exact knowledge on and the analysis of the candidate’s personality are very important to us to ensure the necessary background and in particular the Social Fitting. That's why we provide only candidates who have been interviewed by at least one of our consultants personally.


Important for us is an honest discussion about opportunities, challenges and goals. This applies to the company as well as to the position to be filled. The presentation of the candidates will be accompanied by our consultants and after that a joint session to reflect. We want you to have the greatest possible security in your decision

On request we can also procure additional references.

On Board Coaching

On request, we also take care of the integration phase of the candidate. Possible irritating factors and false starts can  thus be frequently prevented. And because we are confident about this, we offer the appropriate guarantees.

Trust is important so, of course we treat all the information from conversations strictly confidentially.This applies to both clients and candidates. This you can rely on.